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VPX 40 Gigabit Ethernet L2/L3 Network Switch

Kontron announces VX3940

Ismaning –  06 March, 2023 – Kontron, a leading global provider of IoT/Embedded Computer Technology (ECT), today announces the VX3940, a fully managed 3U VPX Layer2/3 Gigabit Ethernet switch for harsh environments, offering secure management interfaces and availability with VITA65 and SOSA profiles.

Providing high end performance with low power consumption, sustained line rate for all packet sizes, 1/10/25G/40G/50G uplink options and up to 32x 10Gb or 8x 40Gb ports (or combination of the two), the compact Kontron VX3940 is designed for long-term programs and harsh environments and is well-suited to space-constrained military and aerospace applications. Its outstanding bandwidth and secure communication capabilities makes the VX3940 ideal for use as a gateway in network-centric warfare (NCW) applications.
The VX3940 can be monitored via SNMP and a comprehensive command line interface allows easy management and remote configuration by either serial or network interface. A host of supported features include IPv4/optionally IPv6 forwarding (OSPF, RIP and VRRP) and time synchronization according to IEEE802.1AS and IEEE1588. The VX3940 is also Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) ready.

There are two VX3940 variants available: air-cooled featuring a front QSFP28 cage for supporting up to four 25GbE or two 50GbE links (40Gbe or four 10Gbe links also supported); conduction-cooled plug-in unit according to VITA 48.2 Type 2, capable of operating at up to 85 °C card edge temperature according to VITA 47.
Designed and technically supported by Kontron in France, the VX3940 is free of International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) restrictions.

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