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With increased demand for sustainability, efficiency and more connected transportation experiences, air, sea, land and rail applications place high demands on embedded computing systems.
These systems have to be operated in demanding environmental conditions while also providing higher networking bandwidth and performance. 

EMOCOMO Solutions is offering  a broad range of standards-based commercial off the shelf (COTS) and custom products for rail, road and shipping traffic demands
based on knowledge of local and international standards as ISO9001, EN50155, etc.
 For specific customer requirements EMCOMO Solutions is offering customization of your transportation or in-vehicle computer platform.

Example Applications:

Video surveillance 
Passenger entertainment/Infotainment
Passenger Information
Train Control Management

Systems and Components for Transportation


 EN50155 fanless railway driver console


 EN50155 certified Ethernet switch

Trace G304

EN50155 certified gateway

VPX Systems

3U/6U VPX systems

CompactPCI Systems

 3U/6U CompactPCI systems

In-Vehicle Server

Computing platform for vehicles