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EMOCOMO Solutions is offering IoT ready industrial computer platforms in different architectures from industrial box computers and rack mount systems to cPCI and MTCA platforms,
developed to gain highly efficient and flexible automation solutions. 

As manufacturers build smarter, globally networked production facilities that take advantage of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies,
they need scalable, fault-tolerant computing platforms with built-in network and system management capabilities. 

 EMCOMO Solutions offers embedded computing solutions for IOT based on various processors and FPGA technologies,
enabling you to take advantage of a merchant market for compatible, interoperable building blocks
while making it easier to integrate our technologies with your unique requirements such as I/Os needed or environmental conditions,.

 Example Applications:

Factory Automation
Process Control
Automated Test & Measurement
Laser Control
Industrial Robotics

Systems and Components for Industrial / IoT


Ruggedized embedded PC

VPX Systems

3U/6U VPX systems

KBox C-101 Family

Flexible industrial computer platform

CompactPCI Systems

 3U/6U CompactPCI systems

KBox A-Series

Fanless industrial computer platform

MicroTCA Systems

Single/double width MTCA systems