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VadaTech Announces the UltraScale+ Module with High Speed I/O

AMC584 with VU13P now available

Henderson, NV –  30 January, 2018 – VadaTech, a leading manufacturer of integrated systems, embedded boards, enabling software and application-ready platforms, announces the double-width MicroTCA AMC module AMC584. The AMC584 is a double-module in an AMC form factor card with Xilinx Virtex UltraScale+™XCVU13P FPGA and two banks of 64-bit wide DDR4. The XCVU13P FPGA provides over 12,000 DSP slices and 3,780 thousand logic cells.

The XCVU13P FPGA is routed to base and extended option regions (all the tongue one SERDES are routed). The module routes up to twenty lanes to Tongue 2 for PinoutPlus™ connection to neighbouring AMC’s (in chassis supporting this option) such as the AMC750, supporting high-speed data throughput within the MicroTCA standard. The front panel QSFP28 ports support data output of up to 5x 100 GbE over standard connectors for ease of connection to external equipment.

The AMC584 also contains a high-speed Zone 3 connector that provides the primary digital I/O routing. Multiple high-speed data acquisition modules (e.g. VadaTech AMC594) can be connected to the AMC584 (e.g. for generating I/Q or multi-polarizations), or this I/O can be routed to further FPGA AMCs for additional processing.  The combination of AMC584 and AMC594 allows system integrators to construct signal acquisition systems with sample rates up to 56 GSPS, supported by extensive DSP processing and with up to 500 Gbps output.

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