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VadaTech Announces an OpenVPX Switch with Integrated Health Management

VPX004 now available

Henderson, NV –  24 April, 2018 – VadaTech, a leading manufacturer of integrated systems, embedded boards, enabling software and application-ready platforms, announces the VPX004. The VPX004 is the most feature-rich OpenVPX Switch with integrated health management in the market.  Its management software is based on VadaTech’s robust Carrier Manager and Shelf Manager, which have been deployed worldwide for years with proven results. The MCMC manages power, cooling, and up to 12 payload modules within the chassis.  It also manages the PCIe Gen3 switch and the standard GbE with 10GbE uplink base channel switch. The Ethernet switch is supported by an enterprise grade Layer 2 or 3 switching/routing stack with Synchronous Ethernet capability.

The VPX004 is fully redundant when used in conjunction with a second instance of the module, and firmware is HPM.2 compliant which allows for easy upgrades.  The unit has optional advanced clocking features, including grand master clock and high-quality clock distribution/synthesis, enabling GPS/IEEE1588/SyncE/NTP. 

The VPX004 provides Master JTAG services to payload modules via a JTAG Switch Module (JSM) with optional Virtual JTAG capability.  This allows developers to program devices in an OpenVPX environment over a network connection without the need to connect a JTAG programmer.  VadaTech’s ScorpionWare® system management GUI is also supported, for ease of remote platform management.


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