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FMC with Mixed Signal Front End, Quad RF DAC and Quad RF ADC

VadaTech announces FMC263

Henderson, NV –  22 February, 2023 – VadaTech, a leading manufacturer of integrated systems, embedded boards, enabling software and application-ready platforms, announces the FMC263. The FMC263 is an FMC per VITA 57 specification and has a single AD9081 Device from Analog Devices which provides Quad DAC at 12 GSPS/16-bit and Quad ADC at 4 GSPS/12-bit. The ADC has 7.5GHz Analog Input full power bandwidth (-3db). The DAC on the module has a useable Analog bandwidth of 8GHz. The module has a clock input via front panel which allows synchronization to an external clock. Additionally, the FMC263 allows the synchronization clock to also come from the carrier and also has a Trigger which can be configured as input or output. The module has 10 SSMC Connectors for its ADC/DAC, clock input and Trigger in/out. Please consult with VadaTech Sales to discuss ordering options.

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