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3U VPX Module Extender with current measure on power rails

VadaTech announces VPX995

Henderson, NV –  26 July, 2023 - VadaTech, a leading manufacturer of integrated systems, embedded boards, enabling software and application-ready platforms, announces the VPX995.
The VPX995 is an extender card for 3U VPX modules that allows the targeted VPX module to be accessed outside of the chassis. The PCB Material used on the extender is low loss material to mitigate PCB induced differential skew, improve signal rise times, and reduce jitter and inter-symbol interference (ISI).

The extender is available in two optional forms, per ordering Option A. The passive form has all signals are routed straight thru from backplane to the module. This extender reports the power consumption on each of the VPX power rails +12V, +5V, +3.3V, -12V, +3.3V Aux and +12V Aux via a display and the RS-232 port. The active form is providing Clock Data Recovery (CDR) and Exchange Switches that allow loop back on port 0-3 and/or 4-7 (lanes 1~8) either on P1 or J1. The CDR is specifically designed for PCIe Gen3. This active form does not have the current sensing feature nor the display.

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