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1U Open VPX Rackmount Chassis with Two 3U Payload Slots and Integrated Intel E-2176M

VadaTech announces new VTX951

Henderson, NV –  16 April, 2021 – VadaTech, a leading manufacturer of integrated systems, embedded boards, enabling software and application-ready platforms, announces the VTX951. The VTX951 is a 1U Open VPX chassis with two 3U VPX payload slots. It can accept 0.8-inch, 0.85-inch and 1.0-inch pitch modules and is ideal for commercial deployment. The chassis incorporates a VadaTech third generation shelf manager that provides tier 2 health management, together with an integrated processor, Ethernet switch, clocking sub-system and optional JTAG virtual probe. The VTX951 can accept convection cooled modules in either IEEE1101.1 or VITA 48 pitch.

The integrated Intel® Xeon® Processor E-2176M (Coffee Lake) has a CM246 PCH. The processor base frequency is 2.7 GHz with max turbo frequency of 4.4 GHz. The CPU interfaces to each of the VPX modules via PCIe Gen3 x8. It also provides dual 10GbE to the front panel. The VTX951 has 32 GB of DDR4 memory with ECC, up to 2TB of NVMe M.2 removable storage and 64GbE of SSD on board. The BIOS allows booting from the NVMe module, PXE boot as well as USB. There are dual USB 3.0 type C connectors for extended storage or peripherals.

The layer 2 GbE switch supports 802.1D Spanning Tree Protocol, 802.1W Rapid Spanning Tree, 802.1s Multiple VLAN Spanning Tree, programmable per-port VLAN configurations, 802.1Q, etc. The switch supports IEEE1588V2 and has two ports to each of the VPX modules and two external ports via RJ-45.

The unit accepts GPS antenna input or other clocking options as input/output to the chassis and generation of any clock frequency to the backplane for the VPX modules clock references.

The chassis is also designed to meet the ANSI/VITA 65 standard. It provides right to left push/pull cooling (18 CFM per payload slot at 0.24 in-H2O @ 5000 feet) to the VPX payload and RTM slots, with an air filter removable from the front. The chassis backplane provides two 3U VPX payload slots in a star configuration, fully compliant to VITA 46.0 baseline specification, with additional support to the RTMs, compliant to VITA 46.10 and OpenVPX VITA 65. VadaTech is able to provide alternative backplanes to meet specific customer requirements.

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