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10/40GbE Fully Managed Ethernet Switch/Router on XMC Form Factor

Aitech announces M622

Chatsworth –  15 May, 2024 – Aitech Systems, a leading provider of rugged boards and system level solutions for military, aerospace and space applications, has released the M622, a unique and highly innovative, fully managed 10GbE/40GbE Ethernet switch/router on an XMC. The M622 is designed for embedded and harsh environment applications with SWaP-C (size, weight, power and cost) optimization in mind.

An order of magnitude bandwidth and capacity upgrade of Aitech’s M620, the M622 is based on an advanced and flexible Layer2/Layer3 (L2/L3) Ethernet switch and packet processor offering up to 320 Gbps of full wire-speed bandwidth. This innovative XMC solution provides 10/40GbE internal connectivity within any OpenVPX or SOSATM aligned ruggedized embedded system, between modern SBCs and other processing and I/O boards, while enhancing SWaP-C throughout the system.

Alex Trigoub, Director of Board Level Product Line for Aitech, noted, “The XMC form factor is a highly beneficial way of implementing connectivity for modern military platforms utilizing a centralized digital backbone. However, existing solutions fail to meet the demand for high networking bandwidth, the number of Ethernet interfaces and the required networking features and protocols. The M622 is a gamechanger for current and future military and aerospace platforms that utilize high resolution sensors/cameras and process large amounts of data using onboard AI systems and mission computers.”

Meeting the high-density and high-speed connectivity demands across mil-aero platforms, the M622 facilitates modern onboard Ethernet-based digital backbones and networks with requirements for IPv4/IPv6 routing, time synchronization, security, high reliability, and support for network redundancy.

This innovative high-speed connectivity solution is able to significantly improve any platform’s reliability and survivability in the field by offering a fast-boot mode, which allows the switch to be fully configured and ready for operation within 45 seconds after a power-up or restart event.

Aitech’s M622 is the only product available today combining a SWaP-C optimized XMC form factor with this high network bandwidth capacity and interface speed, as well as a rich set of networking features.

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