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EMCOMO Solutions News

22.12.2016 New Space Processor with Memory Enhancements Double Performance on Space-qualified 3U SBC from Aitech

Next-gen SP0-S features 1 GB of DDR2 SDRAM with a core complex bus speed to 400 MHz and new features

16.12.2016 VadaTech launches new Virtex UltraScale FPGA Carrier

AMC596 single-width AMC module with Xilinx Ultrascale XCVU440 now available

03.10.2016 New 3U VPX GPGPU Integrates GPU and Quad-Core ARM CPU on One Board, Dramatically Reducing Footprint and Power Consumption

C535 Typhoon easily handles advanced graphics and signal processing requirements of today’s military and defense applications

28.09.2016 60 GFLOP/W Performance in Aitech’s Rugged GPGPU System Redefines SWaP

A176 Cyclone reaches 1 TFLOPS with 256 CUDA cores, while drawing 17 W max

20.09.2016 Kontron stellt High-Performance Ethernet Switch für die Verkehrsbranche vor

TRACe-NET xM8P2G-1 Switch mit umfangreicher Ausstattung speziell für die Anforderungen der Verkehrsindustrie entwickelt

26.07.2016 Powerful Switching and Fast Data Transfers in Rugged 3U VPX GigE and PCIe Switches from Aitech

Low latency, high throughput for maximum Performance

15.07.2016 VadaTech Announces Three New FMC Carrier PCI Express Cards Featuring High Performance FPGAs

PCI516, PCI591 and PCI595 come with patented FMCool technology

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