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EMCOMO Solutions News

11.09.2017 ADC 12-bit @ 2.6 GSPS and DAC 14-bit @ 5.6 GSPS, FMC module

VadaTech announces the FMC216 per VITA 57

24.08.2017 VadaTech announces the AMC540

Xilinx Virtex-7 FPGA AMC with Dual DSP now available

03.08.2017 Integrated 3U VPX VideoPaC Enhances Graphics Processing in Dense Computing Applications

SBC and XMC from Aitech combine with powerful software bundles to deliver high performance in rugged, size-optimized package

26.07.2017 Kontron releases new Rugged Ethernet Switch and High-End Ethernet Switch Core Modules with PTP Support

Kontron RES2404-PTP switch, ESC1600-PTP and ESC2404-PTP with PTP clock synchronization for use in harsh environments

13.07.2017 New Kintex Ultrascale FMC+ Carrier AMC and ADC/DAC FMC+ Mezzanine

VadaTech announces the AMC583 and FMC250

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