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Guaranteed Hard Real-time Response and Determinism from Aitech’s Space SBC Processor Using NASA cFS Linux

High performance computation achieved through advanced PowerPC processor on SP0-S

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Vadatech Announces AMC741

New AMC with 72 core Tilera GX72 Processor

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Vadatech Announces VTX350

New 6U VPX Chassis with Fiber Optic I/O

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New Industrial Computer Platform for TSN Applications

KBox A-230-LS with SMARC-sAL28 offers up to five TSN-enabled 1GB Ethernet ports for IoT applications

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Vadatech Announces VPX752

New 6U VPX, Intel® Xeon™ SoC, PCIe Gen3 and 10GbE (XAUI)

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